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You Can Buy The U.F.O. Model Here :)
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 ► In this video I'll go over how we created the UFO in real life video! :)

Alright, there was a lot of demand on how we created the "UFO in real life" video so I will be going over the steps we took to create this.

The first thing of course was filming on the location without any real object to represent the UFO. Then we started modeling the UFO based on the location and style we wanted. 

You can now actually buy this UFO on our website if you wish to use it for your own projects.

We will be making a simplistic video tutorial on this matter very soon and you'll get a 2D render of this UFO for free to use in that video, but that's for later!

Once we had the UFO we decided to texture everything in Cinema 4D with the Octane Plug-in. This because Octane is extremely fast and we don't like waiting on our renders.

We then used a HDRI image that resembled the film location to get the correct reflections and lighting, played a bit with the lights and imported our footage in the Cinema 4D Motion Tracker. That's where we of course, tracked our footage. 

Once we had that in place it was just a matter of dragging in our UFO model together with the HDRI sky and it was all set. Put the UFO in position and export it with a transparant background.

Then importing the UFO in After Effects doing some compositing work, adding some smoke elements, heat distortion and some flares.

Finally we got our final result and this is what we got:

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